Custom Football Trophy Styles and Designs

Affordable, easy to customize and perfect for all sorts of special events and occasions, custom sports awards and trophies have never been more popular than right now! They’re great for leagues and teams that cater to players of all ages and skill levels, readily available in a trove of quality designs and style options to pick from and very flexible for just about anyone. Overall, they’re perfect for all sorts of teams and leagues, no matter what sport is involved!

This certainly rings true for football as well. Indeed, custom football awards and trophies are widely popular nowadays among leagues and teams of all ages and skill levels, from Pop Warner right on up through high school and college teams. Custom football trophies and awards are very easy to customize, great for all sorts of events and occasions related to the football season and also offer a number of positive benefits as well, including boosting team morale and reinforcing positive values such as teamwork and sportsmanlike conduct during the season. In addition, custom football trophies and awards are also great for individuals, groups of any size, private organizations and companies alike and come readily available in a rich array of styles and designs to choose from. All in all, they’re a fantastic idea!

Many people, however, may have questions as to which styles and designs of awards are currently available. There’s almost too many to choose from! Fortunately, this guide offers a look at which types of football trophy designs and styles are currently available and which occasions and events they generally work best for.

Traditional Trophies

This type of custom football trophy is readily available in a trove of color, size and style options and is also very easy to customize for any type of event or occasion pertaining to the football season. Just a few occasions they’re useful for include thanking special coaches and volunteers who made a difference and spotlighting the accomplishments of individual players.


Always a popular type of custom football trophy, medals are easy to customize and ideal as team awards. They’re perfect for events such as celebrating winning championships or beating rival teams.


A popular alternative form of custom football trophy, custom football rings make it feel like you really just won the Super Bowl. They’re readily available in a number of quality design styles and are ideal as team awards for occasions such as winning local or state championships.


This custom football trophy design is very easy to customize and always in style. Great for many occasions, they’re especially useful for spotlighting the accomplishments of individual players during the course of the football season.

Crystal Awards

Crystal awards offer quality design styles to choose from and extensive customization options. They make great coach awards as well as awards for individual players.

Acrylic Awards

Simple to customize and readily available at great prices, acrylic awards are great as coach awards and are also a great way to thank local businesses or organizations for their support or sponsorship.

Custom Logo Trophies

Create a custom award for your own team or league! They’re great as awards for individual players or coaches or can just as easily be used for the whole team for any occasion!


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